Rough phase and final phase construction clean up.

Andrade’s Cleaning Company is a family owned business in Las Vegas, Nevada specializing in construction site cleanup.


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Andrade's, your quality construction clean up company in Las Vegas since 1991.

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We are committed to our community and the environment.

We focus on providing quality service while also helping those in the community who need it. Many of our employees have faced tough challenges but are working to make a better life for themselves and we are happy to give them that opportunity.

From Mess to Success:
Expert Construction Clean Up Services

Construction clean up services remove debris and hazardous materials from sites of any size, ensuring they are safe and ready for use. Professionals handle the work and strive for efficiency and quality.

Bringing it Down to Build it Better: Expert Demolition Services

Demolition services involve tearing down buildings and structures for site clearance or redevelopment. Techniques include heavy equipment and manual methods, with a focus on safety.

Dumpster Delight: Streamline Your Cleanup with Our Hassle-Free Rental Services

Dumpster rental services offer temporary waste containers for efficient waste disposal on construction sites and during home projects. Available in various sizes for convenience.

Anchor Your Adventurous Spirit with Our Secure RV/Boat Storage Solutions!

RV/Boat storage services offer secure and convenient storage for recreational vehicles and boats. Features include indoor/outdoor storage, 24/7 surveillance, and on-site amenities. Used by owners needing seasonal or space-saving options.


What Clients Say About Our Company

"Andrade's Cleaning Company did an incredible job cleaning my construction site. They were fast, efficient, and left the site completely clean. Highly recommend!" - João Silva,

Josh Mackenzie


"I rented a dumpster from Andrade's Cleaning Company for my renovation project and was very satisfied with the service. They delivered and picked up the dumpster on time and were very professional throughout the process."

John Toledo

Property Owner

"Andrade's Cleaning Company has been our office cleaning partner for several years and we are very satisfied with the service. Their team is reliable, efficient, and always leaves our office clean and organized."

Morgan Martin

Business Owner

We work with a variety of builders in Las Vegas area

We specialize in both Rough Phase
and Final Phase construction clean up.

By choosing Andrade’s Group for your construction clean-up needs,

you can rest assured that your work site is in good hands.